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Outdoor Knife

What is an Outdoor Knife?

  • All Made in Tsubame-Sanjo: Every component, from blade to handle to leather case, is crafted in Tsubame-Sanjo.
    Perfect for splitting wood and cutting rope.
  • Main Material—420J2 Steel: Known for sharpness, strength, and corrosion resistance. Exceptionally durable against chipping and deformation, even when cutting hardwood.
  • 4mm Blade Thickness: Full tang design allows for efficient cutting, splitting, and shaving.
    Ideal for creating feather sticks.
  • Drop Point Blade Design: Features a straightforward drop point shape with a serrated back edge for cutting thick or wet ropes.
  • Convenient Bottle Opener: Includes a handy bottle opener!
  • Ergonomic and Substantial Feel: Curved handle design fits comfortably, with wood gaining character over time. Thick wood slab ensures a user-friendly weight.
  • Handle with Attachment Hole: Hole for attaching a spiral cord or safety lanyard to prevent loss.
  • User-Friendly Leather Case: Comes with a dedicated case for safe carrying. Genuine leather (beige, 52g) and synthetic leather (black, 84g) cases are designed for secure belt attachment and easy access.



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