Santoku Knife - 剣謙心 Tsurugi Kenshin

Santoku Knife

What is a Santoku Knife?

・Household Essential: The Santoku knife is the most versatile and frequently used all-purpose knife in Japanese homes.
・All-Purpose Versatility: Handles any ingredient, from meat and fish to vegetables, adeptly in any cooking scenario.
Cultural Adaptability: The "double-edged style," said to have originated from the West, fits various culinary cultures, both Japanese and Western. It is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.
・Beginner-Friendly: The Santoku knife features a rounded tip, making it exceptionally easy to cut with. Ideal for cooking novices!
・Ergonomic Handle: Made from magnolia wood, the handle is water-resistant and lightweight. It fits comfortably in the hand and provides a non-slip grip even when wet



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剣謙心 キッチンバサミ KS-1 剣謙心 キッチンバサミ KS-1
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Tsurugi Kenshin Kurouchi Tsuchime Santoku Knife 165mm - 剣謙心 Tsurugi KenshinSantoku Knife 剣謙心 黒打鎚目三徳包丁 165mm
Tsurugi Kenshin Santoku Knife 180mm All Stainless Molybdenum - Vanadium Blade - 剣謙心 Tsurugi KenshinSantoku Knife 剣謙心三徳包丁 180mm - 剣謙心 Tsurugi KenshinSantoku Knife