Yanagiba Knife - 剣謙心 Tsurugi Kenshin

Yanagiba Knife

What is a Yanagiba Knife?

  • Exquisite Slicing Performance: The Yanagiba knife, also known as a Sashimi knife, is often used for slicing sashimi.
  • Key Characteristics: The Yanagiba knife, noted for its slim blade, long cutting edge, and narrow profile, is indispensable for crafting perfect sashimi slices.
  • Emphasis on Sharpness: The blade features a "single-bevel" design, offering exceptional sharpness and ease of separation during use.
  • Precision Cutting Design: The thin blade and long edge allow for clean cuts without damaging the sashimi's fiber structure, utilizing its length to slice in a single draw.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Made from magnolia wood, the handle is water-resistant and lightweight. It fits comfortably in the hand and provides a non-slip grip even when wet.



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